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Forget about the complicated and difficult-to-follow crochet doll patterns you have seen before. No more guesswork, struggle and distress.

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This is one of the best & most comprehensive Doll patterns I have ever seen. The detailing is perfect & there are more than enough pictures to guide you every step of the way. I can't wait to get more of her Doll patterns & I advise everyone who likes Crocheting to try this Doll or the other Doll Patterns from this Designer, you will be making the best Crochet Amigurumi Doll you've ever made.

Chinwe Ojogwu, October, 2020, on Etsy

I was a bit nervous to attempt such an amazing looking doll, worried that I wouldn’t do her justice but I needn’t have worried. The instructions were clear and it was all straightforward, even the eyes, which have very detailed instructions Just don’t show too many people when you have finished because they will all want one 😂

Pauline Burrows, November, 2020, on Etsy

I bought the Louise pattern and was super excited to dress her up for Halloween. My daughter and her doll dressed up together. The patterns are super straight forward and my kid just loves her doll. She is so proud that I made her and shows it off at the park often. Your patterns have brought a lot of happiness to my house at a much needed time. Thank you so so much.

Jenn Armstrong, November, 2020, on Etsy


Ticiana Larocca

A multi-task woman, a wife, a mother, a doctor and a crochet lover.

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