Age is Just a Number, crochet is forever: Jo Withrow Tinker's story

Age is Just a Number, Crochet is Forever

Today, we're excited to bring you something truly special - a personal narrative from one of our valued customers, Jo Withrow Tinker. At, we believe in the power of personal stories to inspire and connect our community. That's why we've chosen to present Jo's story, maintaining the 'I/me/mine/myself' narrative to keep the authenticity and personal touch intact. Prepare to be moved and inspired by her experiences, achievements, and the simple joys of crocheting:

Crocheting has been more than a hobby

It's a source of comfort. I've shared this passion with others, too. My sister, Maude, and I taught a group of girls from our church to crochet. We were amazed at how quickly they picked it up. Together, we made baby and children's outerwear for our community, a project that filled us all with pride.

Now at 84, I'm enjoying making crochet amigurumi dolls. There's something special about adding the eyes and seeing them come to life. Every day, I crochet, finding joy in each stitch.

"84 and still crocheting every day."

My crochet story began in my Grandma's log cabin in True Hollow. She had a special talent – she couldn't read patterns but could look at any design and replicate it perfectly. It was mesmerizing to watch her, and that's where my love for crochet began.

When I was young, Aunt Bobbie taught me to read patterns. This skill became particularly useful during a heavy blizzard when Grandma couldn't reach us. One of my proudest achievements was making a beautiful bedspread from size 10 crochet thread, showcasing the skills passed down to me.

But it's the small projects that often bring the biggest joys. I remember making tiny crochet animals, each sold for a dollar. They were so popular among my kids' friends that we managed to buy a kitchen range from the earnings! I wish I had photos of them – they were adorable.

To those who might read this – you can find the same joy in crochet. It's a wonderful way to create, share, and give. Whether you're just starting or have been crocheting for years, there's always something new to learn and create. And if you're looking for patterns or yarn, has everything you need to get started on your own crochet journey.

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