Which Is the Perfect Choice for You: Crochet or Knitting?

Which Is the Perfect Choice for You: Crochet or Knitting?

Both crochet and knitting are old-school techniques that have enjoyed a revival in recent years. Both crafts involve working with fibers to create useful articles such as hats, sweaters and blankets.

However, there are some significant differences between the two techniques. The choice between learning to knit and crochet is a decision you may face when exploring different options for continuing your craft hobby.

Which one is right for you? Read on to find out more about choosing between crochet and knitting.

What's the Difference Between Crochet and Knitting?

Both crochet and knitting are methods of making garments and other textile items by forming fabric with a single thread. Both use needles and/or hooks to make stitches by interlocking loops of yarn. The main difference between crochet and knitting is the way this interlocking takes place.

In knitting, one thread is used to make a stitch, then another thread is knit into it as a new loop. In crochet, one thread is used to make the stitch and another one is used to catch the stitch and form a loop. The result is that in knitting you end up with two loops of yarn on the needle at the same time, while in crochet you have one loop and one end of the yarn still attached.

Another important difference is that while knitting requires you to use 2 needles, crochet requires only one.

Which is Easier: Crochet or Knitting?

Whether you are new to learning to crochet or knitting, it can be tricky. In crochet, there is only one thing on your hook, whereas in knitting you have two pieces of yarn and two loops. This means that in knitting, you have two needles to keep track of, whereas in crochet you only have one. This makes crochet slightly easier to learn.

The only disadvantage of crochet is that once your work is completed, you need to weave in the ends of your yarn to secure them, whereas knitting has built-in knots that you can just pull out. However, once you have mastered both techniques, you will find that they are not that different and that you can easily switch between the two.

Why You Should Learn to Crochet Instead of Knit

You may decide to learn crochet if you want to make items that are smaller, such as stuffed animals or blankets. If you want to make garments, you can learn to make them in crochet but in a different way. You will have to increase the number of stitches in a row or round to get the width that you need.

If you have never tried any kind of needlecraft before and are looking for something easier to learn, crochet may be a better option. Knitting is also quite a difficult craft to start with, as it requires a lot of precision, especially when it comes to casting on and off.

Why You Should Learn to Knit Instead of Crochet

If you have an injured hand or arm or you have limited mobility, knitting is easier because it uses two needles and you don't have to manipulate your fingers as much to do the stitches.

If you are trying to make something like a sweater or a large blanket, you will find that knitting is much quicker than crochet. If you are making a garment, you can finish it in a fraction of the time it would take to make it with crochet.

How to Decide Which is Right for You: Crochet vs. knitting

When you are choosing between crochet and knitting, consider your health and skill level. Knitting requires more mobility and dexterity than crochet. If you have arthritis or limited mobility, or your hands are tender or easily injured, crochet may be slightly easier to learn.

If you want to make smaller items such as stuffed animals, crochet is a better option. If you are a beginner, knitting is generally more difficult than crochet because you have two loops to keep track of, whereas in crochet you only have one.

How to Learn to Crochet or Knit

If you are interested in learning to crochet or knit, the best approach is to find a local class or group where you can get one-on-one instruction or join a community such as a knitting or crochet group.

We have a lovely group on Facebook (www.facebook.com/groups/crochetree), where you can find support from amazing artisans worldwide.

You can also find instructional videos online, or you may want to buy a book or e-book that has patterns and instructions. If you have learned to knit in the past but have lost your knowledge and would like to start again, you can refresh your skills by practicing with a few easy patterns.

If you have never learned to knit, you may want to start with very simple patterns, such as a dishcloth. If you have never learned to crochet, you may want to choose easy patterns such as small stuffed animals or scarves.