Rediscovering Passion of Crochet: Sue Christensen's Journey

Rediscovering Passion in Threads and Hooks: Sue Christensen's Journey

 “I learned to crochet as a child,” she began, “but it was mostly blankets and a few sweaters for my kids when they were young.” But isn’t it curious how life has a way of bringing us back to things? Things that once filled our days with happiness, but somehow got lost in the shuffle of life.

By 2021, a year that many of us might remember for its challenges and changed norms, she stumbled upon an idea that not only revitalized her love for crochet but also brought immense joy to her loved ones. “I decided to make a doll for each of my five granddaughters. What started as a simple project soon spiraled, joyfully so, into a doll with extra clothes and an animal for each girl. My grandsons weren't left out either. They got two dinosaurs and an animal each for Christmas!”.

"This has become my new hobby and my new love"

But the beauty of passion is that once reignited, it tends to spread like wildfire. “I had so much fun making them that I did some for a neighbor, and even assisted my mom with one of her creations. And for my newest granddaughter, I dived into the crochetree patterns, crafting a doll, a monkey, and a lovey. The thrill didn’t stop there—a massive spider found its way to one of my grandson's collection. I even made a doll with accessories to showcase at the state fair!”

Crochet was not just a pastime. It became a solace, an anchor. “This has become my new hobby and my new love. I get so much joy out of making these and then giving them to my grandchildren!” she shared. 

“I really love the Crochetree patterns because they are so easy to follow and turn out so beautifully!”

But her threads tell another story too, of a time that tested us all. “During the pandemic, I spent many hours crocheting two Shrugs for myself as well as starting on a couple of afghans as a way to combat the anxiety and to fill the hours,” she shared. In a world paused by uncertainty, she found rhythm and calm in the loops and knots of her creations.

Her story is a testament to how rediscovering a forgotten skill can be a beacon of light in tumultuous times. It’s about the threads that connect us, both tangible and intangible. It's about love, nostalgia, and the simple joys that life, in all its unpredictability, throws our way. It's a tale of love, resilience, and the heartwarming beauty that can be found in each stitch.


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