Melissa Green Outfit

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iIf you already have Melissa, you know the size of the finished doll is 42 cm (16.5 in).

This pdf for the outfit contains step-by-step description and a lot of images to guide you through.

For this project, you will need:

1. Yarn: 100% mercerised cotton - fingering weight (Catona Scheepjes, Catania Schachenmayr original, YarnArt or any other yarn with similar weight). I used Catona Scheepjes for the whole project. Colours:

50g: Emerald (515) - dark green, LimeJuice (392) - light green, Tangerine (281) - orange, UltraViolet (282) - dark purple. 

10 g: Topaz (179) - golden, Root Beer (157) - dark brown, Deep Amethyst (508) - light purple.

2. Size 2.5 crochet hook.
3. 2 medium size orange buttons.
4. Marker or a piece of yarn of a different colour.

5. Tapestry needle. Sewing needle (for the buttons).

6. Scissors.

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