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Sick of those ambitious, pro-level crochet projects that get you excited to create — but stay unfinished for months because they’re too advanced? Crochetree takes the frustration out of intricate projects with super simple, photo-packed guides made for those just dipping their toes into the world of crochet patterns. With only a few basic crochet stitches, you’re ready to make hand-crafted magic with:

Easy, beautifully detailed instructions

Plentiful example photos

On-call professional support, always

Make Something Amazing

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I love Crochetree dolls! The patterns are wonderfully written with great pictures. I have everything to date, and they are a joy to work up! I highly recommend these dolls.

- Melissa S

Join Thousands Unlocking A New Level of Creativity With Crochetree’s Ultra-Accessible Crochet Patterns

Not a Professional Crocheter? No Problem!

All you need is a few basic stitches to make Crochetree magic.

Why should professional-quality patterns be reserved for the professionals? At Crochetree, we believe that even those with basic crochet skills should be able to experience the joy of creating beautiful, sophisticated dolls: so we’ve made it easier than ever!

With on-call text support from our team, comprehensive & photo-filled instructions, and detailed materials guides, you’ll always feel confident in the progress of your project — and you’ll be steps closer to the deep satisfaction that comes with producing an exquisite, fully hand-crafted crochet masterpiece. No more abandoned projects!

Artisan-Quality Made Easily Achievable

Feel the true pride and delight that comes from completing an artisan-quality crochet creation — with step-by-step guidance & only a few basic stitches!

Friendly On-Call Crochet Support

Never worry about getting stuck: our team is always on call to help walk you through any sticking points, so you can keep moving forward smoothly toward a gorgeous handmade result.

Easily Customizable (& Creates the Perfect Gift!)

Craft a doll that has the unique features you're looking for with your choice of hair color, eyes, and clothes - all easily customizable with no extra steps!

Eye Embroidery Guides You Can’t Find Anywhere Else

No more settling for boring safety eyes! Give your doll the beautiful, characteristic touch of fully embroidered eyes with our one-of-a-kind, step-by-step eye tutorials.

Get Instant Access To Your Patterns & Start Creating Crochet Magic!

No waiting for a physical pattern to arrive: our instant pattern download lets you get the creativity flowing immediately with 3 easy steps!

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Begin crocheting right away thanks to super detailed instructions & step-by-step photos!

Surprise Yourself With a Level of Crafting You Didn’t Know You Were Capable Of!

Finally, a crochet project designed around your skills & needs.


(Based on 269 Reviews)

With instant access to your downloadable pattern, a full materials list & expert recommendations, and ready-to-help customer support, you can dive in right away and begin watching a professional-quality doll take shape before your eyes.

*This product is a digital crochet pattern, NOT a finished doll.

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Fast customer support
No crochet expertise required
Fully customizable
Stress-free & highly rewarding
Easy-embroider eyes

I usually steer well clear of anything like this, but these dolls are so cute that I had to have a go… I am so pleased with the result! The patterns are so simple to follow. Thank you Crochetree. You took me out of my comfort zone and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Karen H.

Because The Joy of Exquisite Handmade Creations Shouldn’t Have a Barrier To Entry

Crochetree founder Ticiana didn’t always know how to crochet — but she knew she was in love with the tradition of beautiful, handcrafted crochet dolls she’d seen around the world. So in between her full-time job as a doctor, she began to teach herself with online tutorials.

This DIY spirit became Crochetree’s superpower. Once Ticiana realized the difficulty of most standard crochet patterns, she made it her mission to create simplified crochet patterns with photos for each step, allowing even those who know just a few basic stitches to create gorgeous, artisan-quality dolls.

Fast forward three years, and Crochetree is proud to continue bringing delight, a sense of accomplishment, and a bit of crochet magic to thousands of happy crafters worldwide. We invite you to join in on the fun — and enjoy 30% when you buy 3+ patterns (because we know how hard it is to choose just one!).

It’s time to stop taking on ambitious projects that never get finished.

Are you ready to experience the pride, ease, and excitement of creating your own professional-quality crochet doll?

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We’re Always Here To Answer Your Questions: So Let’s Start With Some Common Ones!

While our patterns only require single crochet, double crochet, and a few other basic crochet stitches, we don’t recommend these patterns for people who’ve never picked up a crochet hook. If you do have some basic experience with these stitches, though, you’re likely to find our patterns very manageable!
Once you complete your purchase, you will receive a downloadable pattern file so you can get started right away.
Because our patterns are available as digital downloads, there are no materials included. We do, however, provide a full list of recommended yarn and materials so you can easily get what you need to start your project.
Timelines vary for different dolls with different hair and accessories, but an average estimate is around 40 hours/doll.
Crochetree does not accept exchanges, refunds, or cancellation for ALL digital products. Exception: If, for some reason, you mistakenly buy the same digital product twice, you will be eligible for a full refund of one of the purchases.
Feel free to reach out to us via Facebook, Facebook messenger, email at, or WhatsApp at +44 7729347983