Why Thousands of People Are Finding Fulfillment Crafting These Crochet Dolls

The Problem

Perhaps you’ve tried every crochet pattern, finished several projects, joined many crochet groups. Maybe you’re feeling that no project can really challenge you.

Most of us love to crochet for the sake of making something nice, but we can easily fall into a mere mechanical and repetitive movement lacking the juice of wonder and recognition from people we love, not just the “kinda cute” compliment.

I started making these dolls because I finally found something that truly inspires and fulfills me. I opened to share this passion with other people by writing patterns EXACTLY the way I wished someone had written for me when I was an absolute beginner.

Connect everyone

I was very surprised with the explosive response. People loved it so much that I had to keep designing and making more patterns. Ultimately, I wasn't expecting that they would get so much fulfillment from gifting their finished projects to their loved ones and cause a ripple effect of love and connection.

What I came to understand is that when they gift these finished projects to someone they love, they’re giving something more than a doll. They’re giving someone the opportunity to fall in love with their art. And they feed themselves with people’s gasp of awe and wonder by how on earth they could make it with their hands.

People All Over the World
Love Crafting and Gifting These Dolls…


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Crochet Patterns for Louise Doll + 3 Outfits

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Includes 1 doll + 3 outfits patterns.

Outfits: Spring, Anniversary & Halloween.

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Crochet Patterns for Louise & Freya Dolls + 5 Outfits

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Spring, Fairy, Anniversary, Halloween, Easter.

The 5 outfits fit both dolls.

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This is a digital product (PDF files).

Crochetree Signature Bundle

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14 dolls + 22 outfits + 2 animals

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