Things to Trim with Lace Crochet

5 Things to Trim with Lace Crochet

Lace crochet is a kind of crochet that utilizes openwork to create lace-like fabric. It can often be found as trim on blankets, pillows and even clothing. This crochet technique is similar to slip crochet because both produce openwork crochet patterns.

There are five things that you can try using the lace crochet technique for:

Make lace crochet cuffs

Crochet a cuff using the lace crochet technique and then sew it on to your sleeves or pant legs for an instant crochet trim. Just make sure that your crochet is double crochet throughout unless you want it flimsy. Use another crochet stitch, if you don't believe me - just try it!

Add a crochet trim to crochet shawls

Use the lace crochet technique on a crochet shawl for an instant crochet fringe. If you don't like fringes, this is a nice alternative - lace crochet gives similar effects but also has extra details. You can use either the single crochet or double crochet stitch.

Things to Trim with Lace Crochet

Make lace crochet tablecloths

Add crochet lace to the top of your crochet kitchen tablecloth for a more personal touch. Make it by using the double crochet stitch, and add various yarn colors like lavender or oatmeal shade. You can also use crochet lace as trim on ruffled crochet tablecloths if you wish to add texture.

Make crochet lace bowls

Crochet lace bowls as crochet gifts for your friends or crochet trim on crochet tablecloths. The crochet stitch used will be the single crochet, and you can use any shade of yarn that goes well with the crochet trim on the tablecloth. You can also make crochet lace beads to attach to various crochet flowers, hair accessories and crochet clothing items.

Make crochet lace baby blankets

Crochet lace blankets for your crochet babies to snuggle in on a cold day. Use the single crochet stitch since crochet lace uses mostly the same crochet stitches as crochet lace, with just some subtle differences that only you will notice. This is extremely easy and inexpensive to make; crochet lace blankets are crochet gifts that anyone would love to have.

Things to Trim with Lace Crochet

A crochet lace trim is easy to crochet, and you can crochet it with or without yarn embellishments like beading or crocheting beads. This crochet technique is perfect for crochet items that require an elegant touch, such as bedspreads and curtains. It also makes crochet lace a sophisticated crochet stitch for advanced crocheters. The choice is yours!

Now that you've read this article, you know 5 Things to Trim with Lace Crochet . You can now use the crochet trim and crochet lace techniques around your home or for crochet gifts.